Before recording sessions it is recommended that you practice and perfect your material ahead of time. The better prepared you are, the less time it will take to record and the better you will feel without feeling like you’re crunched for time. After all, we want to work with you and provide the best value for your time and money. We work with you by providing the necessary knowledge to produce professional quality recordings and expect you to work with us by being prepared ahead of time.

Pricing/Payment Procedure:

For In-Studio Sessions we charge $20 per hour for recording and $12 per hour for mixing and mastering. For Live Shows/Performances we charge $40 per hour for recording and operation and $12 per hour for mixing and mastering. If you decide to record multiple songs with us you may qualify for a discount. For In-Studio sessions, recording time must be payed for immediately following the session while mixing and mastering time must be paid for immediately after each song is complete and an invoice of the entire session breakdown has been submitted to you. For Live Shows/Performances, recording/operation time must be payed for one week prior to the event while mixing and mastering time must be paid for immediately after all songs from the performance are complete and an invoice of the entire project breakdown has been submitted to you.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee/Refund Policy:

Let’s be honest, we sincerely love music and have a passion for it just as much as you do and at the same time we are a business in the process of recouping continuous investments that allow us to provide these services for you at top notch quality. Because of this, we do not offer any refunds on In-Studio or Live Performance Services. However, what we do guarantee is something many companies refuse to offer. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied upon completion of the entire session, project, or performance we will spend as much time as necessary free of charge to make sure you reach that ultimate satisfaction. We want you to not only be satisfied but extremely happy with the end result.

Studio Musicians:

If you need a studio musician or musicians please contact us ahead of time and we will work with supplying you an appropriate musician or musicians that fits your specific needs. Each studio musician must be paid an additional cost on top of our services for their time and this price is up to the discretion of each individual musician. 

Recording, Mixing, Mastering Elsewhere:

If you wish to record somewhere else and wish to have your songs mixed/mastered with us or if you wish to have your songs recorded with us and mixed/mastered elsewhere our same pricing policies still apply. For mixing and mastering purposes, if you decide to record somewhere else, you must supply us with consolidated .wav files for each of your tracks. We will take these tracks and work with you on getting your song to sound just the way you want. If you decide to just record with us we will supply you with .wav files in return. 



Guitar Repairs:
We will repair the electrical components of most electric guitars but will not repair those of acoustic electric guitars. This includes problems with guitar input jacks, pickup selectors, volume pots, tone pots, and pickup wiring. Guitar repairs do not include those having to do with altering the body or finish of the guitar. While repairing your guitar we will throw in an optional bonus by cleaning your guitar for you and making sure everything is in working order. We also change guitar strings for all types of guitars including those with Floyd Rose bridges.

Guitar Cleaning:
We offer various different types of guitar cleanings to make your guitar look as good as new. Cleanings include fret shining, fret board oiling for dry and cracking fret boards, grime removal for old fret boards that haven’t been cleaned in ages, and a typical guitar polishing in which we will vacuum out any dust around the guitar body and clean any finger prints or dirt left on the body of the guitar, head stock, or neck of the guitar.

Our prices may vary depending on how involved the repair or cleaning turns out to be. For typical cleaning jobs we charge a flat $15 rate. For typical repair jobs we charge $12 per string change on both Non-Floyd Rose bridge and Floyd Rose bridge guitars. For electrical repairs pricing will vary the most depending on the task so please call or e-mail us for an estimate.